Custom 1:18 scale Death's Head Action Figure

"You fear Death's Head, yes? You are prepared to be dealt with, yes?"

A fan suggestion come to creation, Death's head was made from an assortment of parts. His main body was that of the Wolverine Origins Collossus, Marvel Legends Hand Ninja forearms, Trigate Creations custom cast head, Serpentor's skirt, Spidey Animated Green Goblin's lower legs, Marvel Universe Hobgoblin Cape, GI Joe Montezuma's loincloth piece, and Deep Dive Iron Man 2 hip covers for his kneepads. Whew!

Death's jacket, shin panels, and various other parts were sculpted by hand using Apoxie sculpt. I was able to make the cape look tattered by using a leather hole-puncher with the multi-punch wheel of different sizes. All the weapons that store on his back can be plugged in to his right hand just like he uses them in the comic as well. Overall I'm psyched just to see this guy in action figure form! Death's Head is a majorly cool and majorly underused character. There be some bright colors on this character!

Death's Head

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