Custom 'Death Mask' Cobra Interrogator 25th Figure

”Never before have I seen such a disregard and contempt for human life than what lies within Death Mask’s heart. He sits all alone in a dark corner of his quarters, quietly sharpening his tools until he’s needed, his face always covered by a black mask to hide his features. When Cobra Commander hired him to be his new interrogator everyone started talking… even his own troops. Rumors started that perhaps he was a spy sent by the Joes. That is until he performed his first interrogation on one of their members that had been captured. After seeing what he did to the captive to extract information we know now he’s definitely not a Joe, hell, we’re not even sure he’s human…”

25th Anniversary GI Joe 'Death Mask, Cobra Interragator' was made from:

Head: Xamot with Aves Apoxie Sculpt sculpted mask/goggles
Body: Comic 2-pack Stormshadow with claws
Lower Arms: Sgt Flash
Legs: Shipwreck
Feet: Wild Bill

All and all a really creepy guy! The mask/goggles are hand sculpted and I gave him a blood-splatter paint job and tribal tattoo on his left arm.

Death Mask