Custom Marvel Vs Capcom Deadpool Figure

What's this, another Deadpool? Yep, except this time it's the Marvel vs Capcom version! I know what you're thinking, Deadpool didn't appear in any of the MvC games... but he should of. I came across a MvC-styled Deadpool gif and liked it so much, I decided to make a figure of it. MvC Deadpool is made from a ML 15 Moon Knight and Face-Off Jigsaw hands. That's it! I could of left the Moon Knight hands on for articulated fingers but wanted a stronger grip for the weapons. The collar, wrist cuffs, boot cuffs, and belt buckle are all Aves Fixit Sculpt. I added two pouches, half of an old ML Deadpool sheathe that's removable from the hole in his back, and an assortment of weapons including Sigma Six Snake Eyes' night vision goggles.

This is probably my favorite action figure I've ever made and it was so simple. You take off Moon Knight's cloak and poof, there's Deadpool underneath. A little sculpting, some airbrushing, and he's done. Enjoy!