Movie Style Deadpool custom action figure

DISCLAIMER ((This is an original take on a movie themed design that doesn't necessarily represent Deadpool's look in any feature film that may or may not be in production. Any similarities to a future design of Deadpool would be purely coincidental with absolutely no prior inside knowledge of said design.))

Now with that out of the way here's my take on Deadpool done Marvel Studios movie style. He's made from a Hawkeye body, 1st Avenger Cap lower arms, Ronin head, and various fodder straps/belts/pouches. His alternate head is Ryans Reynolds Green Lantern with sculpted disfigurement and a smirk. I figured Reynolds would have to be recognizable at some point so I have the Weapon X regenerative effect taking over his body slowly. Add two Katana from the new TMNT Leo, three pistols, FAMAS, and hidden back knife, Deadpool is ready to tear up the big screen for his debut!

Deadpool Movie

Deadpool Movie Figure

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