Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool with alternate looks

Thinking to myself, hey, should I make a modern Marvel Legends Deadpool with the gray Y-shaped chest-band or another classic one with the single bandoleer, it hit me....why not make one figure! The body is from a Face Off Daredevil and a custom cast head by DMC Direct. I used Aves Apoxie sculpt to make the seams, cuffs, and other details. The Y-harness was made from an Air Strike Wolverine's harness and some fodder. Now here's the trick, his belt buckle is removable! You pop it off his waist to remove the harness and unlatch the other ends from his shoulders.

This way you can give him the classic look, modern look, or 90's X-force appearance look without a chest strap at all. The swords came from an Eniki Revoltech and twin pistols were casts from Broken Arrow Toys.

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