Custom made Deadpool and X-Men Logo Belt Buckles

You've seen them, walking through the mall, raving at clubs, and they're always wearing Thundercats belt buckles or Superman's shield right? Well I created a fan-made Deadpool buckle from a metal buckle blank, then sculpted Apoxie Sculpt to make the borders and eyes, taking care to measure sections with calipers so everything was the same size all the way around. The X-men team buckle was made by tweaking up a figure base and casting that using Alumalite. These were hand-made buckles not sold in stores or mass-produced. Please don't ask to buy them as they are not for sale.

Here's an entire utility belt I whipped up a few years back for fun. It features a heavy-duty nylon belt with squeeze-clip, eight modular pouches with velcro and metal buttons, and of course Deadpool's classy mug plastered right onto the buckle. Store your keys, cellphone, ammo clips, anything you need and have it ready by your side in the eight belt pouches. You can remove them and add other things to the belt like a holster or knife sheathe. The sky's the limit! How was it made? Simple. The pouches are 99 cent digital camera pouches you get at Wal Mart. The belt is a basic utility workbelt that's about $2.99 at Home Depot. The buttons come from a wal-mart upholstery button repair kit and are just glued on for show since the camera pouches have velcro closures. Affix an icon to the front. Viola! Instant utility belt. Batman would be proud.

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