Custom "Dead Leg" Masters of the Universe Classics original character!

"There's never a safe port in a storm when the villainous Dead Leg is sailing the Crystal Seas! Brought back to life by a powerful seafaring sorcerer, Dead Leg sails with his crew of techno-pirates in search of treasures. One such artifact taken was the Crimson Blade, a mystical weapon capable of stealing the life essence of those struck by it. Dead Leg fashioned it into a hook for his missing hand and uses other dangerous attachments depending on the task at hand. Taking no prisoners both Skeletor and He Man have a fight on their hands when this undead buccaneer arrives in battle. "

This custom Masters of the Universe Classics figure is an original character created from a Snout Spout body, Galactic Skeletor head, Count Marzo modded cape, DCU Darksied loincloth, and various fodder parts for the skeletal features and details. He was given three interchangeable arm weapons and a glowing saber to round out his weaponry. An airbrushed gradient was used to transition from zombie flesh to bone and fabric paint was used to create the veins on his neck.

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