Dawg the Biker Assassin, custom GI Joe Figure

"Always on the move, the tattooed miscreant Dawg finds himself in the middle of trouble wherever he goes. Traveling from biker bar to biker bar he's always hitting up shady tenders for news of new work that needs his particular style of brutality. Dawg prefers to blast away and ask questions later causing as much collateral damage as possible. Should he run out of ammo weapon on hand will do from a baseball bat to an axe, so long as it gets the job done as painfully as possible."

This figure was made from:
Head: SW comic 2-pack Tol Skorr
Body: Gung Ho
Lower arms: RoC Lt Stone
Vest: Indy Mutt Williams
Legs: 2 Iron G Destros with swapped lower legs and feet.


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