Custom Darkman Action Figure from the Sam Raimi Movie!

Here's a custom I had been dying to make, a fully articulated Darkman! SOTA already did him justice in their Now Playing series but he was just a plastic statue. Darkman needed to be able to strike more than one pose, leap from rooftops, and bash a bad guy's head in with some rebar. Well now he can! I took the Mezco Spirit body, integrated the SOTA Darkman head, hands, and feet on to it, tailored the coat to fit on the new body, lowered the hat, and did a basic repaint including depicting Peyton in his white shirt from the beginning. Now Darkman is ready to mask his way through the masses and take on crime! If you want to make your own Darkman, head over and visit my blog on the main page, upper left menu. It has links where you can pick the figures you need up cheap (at the time of this writing anyway) and quick tips on how to customize him!

Darkman Custom

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