Deadpool with SHEEP CANNON!

"Wade Wilson wasn't a new recruit for the Joes. He wasn't an enemy either. One day he just walked right into a battle between Gung Ho's team and Destro, immediately hitting on the Baroness. After being shot multiple times by Iron Grenadiers, the masked mercenary shouted a few choice words and 'hadokened' a grenade into a HISS Tank's engine compartment causing a massive explosion. Snake Eyes was wary when Deadpool approached the Joes and met him with sword drawn. That sword was met with the hum of a replica Light Saber blade and a joke about Lady Jay's cleavage leaving Snake Eyes speechless.. which was the target of Deadpool's next comment. Since then he's tangled with the Joes and Cobra in what we can only guess is his of insane version of fun."

Similar to my first Wolvie Origins Comic Deadpool, this one is detailed to reflect his appearance in issue #16 of Deadpool. The seams on the head were sanded down and a larger 'surprised' eye was sculpted in. I removed the upper half of his modern weabgear and sculpted the cross-chest version. Tossed the flimsy swords and replaced them with stronger Storm Shadow ones, added a boot knife, gave him a magnetic com-set, removable sheepherder cloak...and of course,

THE SHEEP CANNON! Yes folks, it's a cannon disguised as a sheep. You have to read the issue, heh. It's made from a resculpted pvc sheep with its back drilled down, parts from an Armored Core, Spawn Interlink, Transformers, Halo, Sigam 6, and other action figure weaponry combined there. You just can't beat a deadly robot sheep for the ultimate weapon of destruction.


Sheep Cannon

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