Custom Deadpool Scooter!

You knew it was coming, after the Sheep Cannon how could I not make Deadpool's most badass method of transportation? I modded another Deadpool this time around with more pouches, holsters/hand guns, and grenades to really deck him out. After some searching I tracked down the Mastio red Vespa 1:18 scale scooter and went to work repainting it and creating stickers that mimic the Kaneda's bike stickers in the anime Akira. I added some of my own labels like the Transformers/cobra emblem back there and made a 'Ded Pol' license plate.

Topping it off I added a removable weapons satchel to the back of the scooter and gave him a ton of weapons and tools to use. Now he's ready to cruise for chicks in style!

Deadpool Scooter

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