Custom GI Joe-styled Deadpool with Scooter

"Round two began with Deadpool tagging along on the Joe's missions to launch an attack on Cobra's new headquarters at Springfield. Deadpool had actually stowed away in one of their carrier jet's cargo holds and burst out into the middle of the firefight riding a red scooter with his guns blazing. A remarkably accurate shot while riding the contraption, the mercenary proceeded to annihilate the first wave of Cobra troops before Snake Eyes had a chance to reach them. It was commented that Deadpool gave Snake the one-fingered salute as he popped a wheelie past him, possibly trying to run him down in the process.

This figure was made from:

Body: Wolvie Origins Deadpool
Upper Legs: Snake Eyes
Hands: Para Viper
Internal waist: Joe metal T-bar
Feet: Resolute Duke
Holster: Flint
Swords: Microman Samurai batman
Scooter: Mastio die-cast with custom decals


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