Custom Marvel Select Deadpool

We were all waiting for the new Marvel Select Deadpool figure, a really great looking piece! But when it shipped it went from an action figure in theory to a slightly movable statue in reality. Serious work had to be done on the joints in order to achieve full poseability. The solution? Leave him in a sink full of hot water for 10 minutes, then pop him apart. All his parts are made of PVC, not hard plastic, so he can be disassembled. Once in pieces I carefully removed the straight elbows and added swivel hinges from a Black Bolt's elbows, swapped the inner hip joints, cut out sections of the neck, knees, ankles, etc to allow him greater range of movement. Now Deadpool can cross his arms and reach all his weapons! A little dark shading and extending the black sections of his costume to look like the current Deadpool, he was done. I'll have a new guide up soon on how to swap elbows to swivels too, keep an eye out!

Marvel Select Deadpool

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