Cyclops (Marvel vs Capcom2)

It's MvC time again! Here's Cyclops as he appears in the game and almost taking his 'Jim Lee' look that many are still wanting to see made. He was created from the new DC Superheroes Superman body (the ones found at Wal mart/Target), XMC Cyclops' head, and white apoxie sculpt. This is NOT a DCD body with static-like articulation. The hips have hinges that allow him to do the splits, there are swivels mid-thigh where the belts are, and the ankles tilt side to side. Wrists spin too, they just don't tilt up and down. In this case 'less is more' giving Cyclops a more completed look than all the joints a normal ML figure would while maintaining a great amount of articulation.

Dark blue shading is airbrushed on his muscles but looks just like a shadow so you can't really tell from the pic. I used a really bright yellow (Testors Luna Yellow) and gave it a brown/orange wash for the belts. Superman's head was customized into the swappable 'optic beam head' and it has a metal peg in the center of the goggles so you can attach either the slick blast or the longer explosive blast on. The slick optic blast is actually the shaped handle of a clear red spoon and the explosive blast is that necroblast from the Spawn vs Urzien boxed set. Enjoy!