Custom 'John Byrne' style Marvel Legends Cyclops Figure

The X-men's leader Cyclops has gone through many costume changes but the one from John Byrne's series is a fan favorite. Here's two different versions of my custom Cyclops done Byrne style using the current Marvel legends buck body. Using a Wolverine Legends Cyclops with AIM soldier cuffs/Zemo Boots was the easiest only needing to add a belt and visor ear covers. The older one mirrors the X-Men Arcade game sprite and uses a USAgent body with a full visor sculpt and glove cuffs.

Cyclops' Optic Blasts were made from different kinds of clear acrylic plastic, the best one I've found coming from the neon clip boards found at walmart. The edges glow as light is filtered through the piece and even makes the inside of his visor light up! The inside strip of the older one's visor comes out to reveal a hole which you peg the beams into, three different ones in all. The new version has a swap-out head with the blast attached for maximum detail.

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custom cyclops

Marvel Legends Cyclops

Custom Marvel Legends

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