Custom 'Classics' Cyclonus Transformers Action Figure

We can't have Galvatron without his second in command, Cyclonus, now can we? Styled to match my 'Classics' Galvatron, Cyclonus here uses the smaller voyager-class Energon Megatron body that was the Toys R Us Exclusive. I used an Energon Mirage head because it had the twin peaks and a really coon non-mouth that I liked. The removable magnetic hands (I have to have at least one thing removable on a custom, hah! I love extra parts) were a BAF Modok's, the slanted shoulder wingtips came from Mirage, Devil Gundam shoulder-caps, Thorbuster Iron Man chest-shield, and the slanted plane wingtips/arm wings came from a Xevoz kit. I colored him purple this time, not dark blue, after quite a few people expressed that the dark blue really was purple. That cool 'perfect kit' Cyclonus is purple too along with most of the art I found online so I suppose it works. He was hand-painted too, no airbrushing, fun!