Custom Transformers Prime Motorcycle Vehicon

Transformers Prime has all sorts of awesome re-designs for characters and new designs for ones we've never seen before. Arcee got a sweet new motorcycle design and has been beating up the clunky Vehicons since the first episode! Well that changes now with the addition of my custom Motorcycle Vehicon, or Cyclocon I guess you could call them. Cyclocon 2.0 was created using the RID Arcee mold and utilizes a Sniper rifle that can be held or mounted on the backpack wheel turret. She has arm blades courtesy of a movie satellite Soundwave and her 'heelies' flip out so she can make a quick escape in robot mode.

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My normal Cyclocon was created using the First Edition Arcee mold that I modded the Vehicon head and hands on to it, removed plastic and re-pegged the chest plate so it comes together, also modding the front steering column to come down in the back further. The original arm gun was shortened and modded to fit on the hand as well. A shiny gloss black/purple paint job later and this new Vehicon is ready to take on Arcee with the same speed and precision she dishes out!

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