Custom 'Crusader Deadpool Knight' Marvel Legends Figure

"Wadiferous Wilsonious the Fourth was a high ranking mercenary in the Middle Ages until one day he heard news of the Turkish army invading. Suddenly the price of ale and women doubled, blacksmiths were too busy arming soldiers for the war to repair his weapons, something had to be done! Wadiferous had a set of Crusader armor constructed for him and joined the Crusades, the the first time in his life he WASN'T being paid to kill someone. With his mighty hammer and his holier-than-thou attitude, this Crusading knight is ready to spread the gospel of pain and punishment to anyone that gets in his way."

This is the second figure in my Deadpool Throughout History series where any era and age can have Deadpool in it. He was made from the body of a Wrrall LCBH figure, lower legs from a Beta Ray Bill, arms from a Kratos, armor from Digimon/Sigma 6/Lord of the Rings figures, and other random parts. His helmeted head is hand sculpted and everything was painted up using Testors Model Master Acrylics and Games Workshop paints.

Crusader Deadpool

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