Custom Crash Man figure from Megaman

"Another Robot Master with drills for hands? We thought we were going to have an easy time with this one until our tanks and artillery were shredded with Crash Man's attacks. This guy was all over the place, we couldn't even get a shot to connect until X and Zero showed up to slow him down. Now, we're cleaning up the mess Crash left behind, escaping through the jungle with a stolen sample from Sci-Fi. Where does Wily come up with these guys? "

Crash Man was created to fit into my GI Joe 'Alterverse' line with the rest of my Megaman characters. He was created from the upper body of a ROC Cobra Commander, lower body 2-pack Storm shadow/Tunnel Rat, upper legs RoC Storm Shadow, lower legs 2-pack Destro, head DC Infinite Heroes Adam Strange, parts from a Revoltech, Marvel Universe Iron Man shoulder pads, and drills from Kotobukiya's Modeling Support Goods.

Crash man Megaman

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