Mercenary 'Crash Course' GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure

"What can be said about Crash Course... Well the man is simply insane, that's about the only way to put it. Who else would armor themselves up and steer their vehicle right into their target's location? It doesn't matter if you're on land, sea, or in the air, Crash Course will come barreling in with explosions and gunfire. He can be described as the exact opposite of Wraith, relying on massive destruction to distract rather than any sort of stealth. Heaven help us all."

Crash Course was made from a VvV BAT face that was carefulled hollowed out, wetsuit head, Battlesuit Cobra Commander upper torso, Star Wars Ganner Krieg arms, and Copperhead waist/legs. A Halo 3 ODST armor section was used for his belt and the bandolier/kneepads came from a 3 3/4" Batman Dark Knight figure.

Crash Course