Custom Cobra Zombie Deployment Cell (GI Joe) action figure

We've had a lot of sub-par 3 3/4" lines and the Batman TDKR has flooded the market. Those Quick-Tek figures are being discounted at Walmart ($5.00 for two pack at Big Lots now) and are pretty terrible so I decided to figure out how to use them. Ditching the actual Batman figure I focused on the armor-on cases themselves....and decided to make them into deployment cells!

First I cut out more of the bat-symbol silhouette so it wasn't recognizable and removed all the logos, then dirtied it up with a new paint job/weathering, some swivel hinges at the top and stickers. The bizarre claw/gun/laser/whatever action-feature was removed so just the locking armor remained and I added chains and manacles to it. A cobra Zombie Viper was combined with a Cobra Viper and with his vest on he fit into the armor, the manacles attaching to his feet or hands. The zombie could now be loaded into the armor-launcher and transported that way until it was time to deploy him on the Joes! You could use these as B.A.T. deployment cells, mutants, prisoner cells, whatever really.

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