GI Joe Cobra Viper Advanced Guard

”Cobra Vipers are as common as they come making up the backbone of Cobra's infantry. Usually we don't have much trouble facing them but just the other day a squad of Vipers was able to take over the north post. They were better equipped, more steeled in morale than the usual troops. They must be wearing better flak jackets because Heavy Duty swore he gunned a Viper down only to have him get right back up and dive for cover. If Cobra is arming their troops better we'll have to stay on the alert. There's no telling when we'll set foot in to a nest of Vipers, this time they could be the dangerous kind!”

Cobra Viper v.2 was made from:

Head: Cobra Viper
Body: Snake Eyes/Wraith
Upper Legs: Cobra Viper
Lower Legs: Hiss Tank Driver
Belt: Star Wars Comic 2-pack Antares Draco
Vest: Beach Head
Arm packs: 21st Century figures accessories

Cobra Viper

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