Custom 3 3/4

One of my favorite Sigma 6 figures aside from Lt Stone was the Battlefield Cobra Commander. So I decided to recreate him in 3 3/4" scale. His body is that of the Iron Man Mark V, Broken Arrow cast helmet, vest from POC Firefly, staff from POC CC, cape section from ML Dr Strange, Serpentor's skirt, and the from part of Spiderman Mandrin's armor. I took some liberties in adding more red inside the armor where the Mark V had the scaled effect and even included his giant missile launcher and pistol.

His helmet comes off to reveal a reptilian head that was once Dudepeel (that terrible Wolvie Origins movie Deadpool) and I modded a hooded CC head to fit under the helmet as well. His mini HISS Tank Segway Drone was made from the back treads of a Hotwheels Motor Master Batman Tumbler kit, some Neo Shifters parts, and other fodder sections. Now Cobra Commander can ride into battle in style, or escape!

Battlefield Cobra COmmander

HISS Tank Drone

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