Custom Cobra Banshee, 3 3'4" Scale GI Joe

”The Cobra Banshee is the unusual combination of M.A.R.S. technology and a stolen NASA robotic prototype originally designed to navigate the surface of a planet. Under the codename 'Project Banshee', it now serves as the next generation of robot assassin in Cobra's growing arsenal. The Banshee is covered in multi-spectrum sensors, can scale sheer walls with its titanium claws, and is outfitted with deadly energy swords that make it one of the deadliest opponents the Joes have faced yet!”

Parts Used:

Head: Modded Armored core
Arms: SW Assassin Droid legs
Hands: Titanium Cylon Warrior
Laser hands: ML Mojo claws/acrylic martini picks
Back fin-claws: Spawn Interlink
Body/lower legs: General Grievous
Upper legs: FF Cosmic Dr Doom
Hoses/sensors: Various fodder parts

Cobra Banshee

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