Custom GI Joe scale Cobra Lab Tubes with experimental soldiers

It's been a while since I've created any custom GI Joe figures and this week I have something special for you, Cobra Lab Tubes! These tubes light up, not just one color but six. There's also a color-scrolling option. The best thing is these stay the color you choose until you click the button again to switch them. You can choose between always-on: red, green, purple, white, and light blue. Technically there's a yellow selection too but it ends up looking almost like the green selection. These were made using the Dr Dreadful Alien Slime Drink tubes, printed control panel stickers, and various tubing. The bubble effects are different sized epoxy drops adhered inside the tube. I used an LED lighting kit that installs in the bottom with replacable batteries. Whatever color your Cobra Laboratory demands, these lab tubes have you covered.

For kicks I created five different Cobra experiments to go in the tubes, two aliens made from Redakai figures and three Cobra experimental troopers made from various GI Joe/Marvel Universe/Spiderman 3 3/4" fodder parts.

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