Custom Transformers Generations Cliffjumper Figure

After snagging the Asia exclusive Generations Cliffjumper I really liked the headsculpt but could only think of the body as a TF Prime Cliff. So off with his head! The body I chose was a Special Ops Jazz and went to work on making him a bit different from the waist down. Modifications include the lower legs were swapped so that he could still transform though his feet were backwards. The large foot became the shin panel and the heels modded to become the smaller front feet. The spoiler was removed for clearance and I modded quite a bit from the back of his legs to get really nice 'backwards' knee articulation. Sentinel Prime's mech-tech weapon became his blaster/bazooka and some C-clip weaponry worked in place of Jazz's speakers. I used Testors One Coat Lacquer Revving Red for the basecoat and finished up the details. Now he really looks like a Generations Cliffjumper!


Transformers Cliffjumper

Generations Cliffjumper

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