Custom Clayface DC Universe Figure

When it comes to Batman villains one stands out as my favorite and that's the shape-shifting Clayface. I've always thought he'd make a great build-a-figure and that's the look I was aiming for here. This custom Clayface was made using a Green lantern Movie Masters Kilowog for the base body and a Spawn Desiccator for the head. Clayface's surface was almost completely sculpted over using Aves studio's Apoxie Sculpt (yes it comes in brown!) as were the hands and head. To get good clay folds start at the bottom and work up adding rings of sculpt around the body/limbs and smoothing them upwards. His clay mallet hand came from an Imaginext Clayface toy and his clay mace hand was made from a clear acrylic Christmas star ornament with sculpt around it. Clayface's head is double ball jointed so he can look around in any position and his jaw opens thanks to the Desiccator head. This gives him a wide range of looks when attacking or just standing around looking menacing. To reduce paint rub I dabbed superglue on to the edge of a plastic baggie (it won't stick to ziplock baggie plastic) and wiped the raised surfaces down after painting then went back over with a base coat. Standing over nine inches tall Batman has a mighty foe to deal with, the villainous Clayface!

Custom Clayface

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