Custom 'Kenner Style' Clan Leader Predator Figure

Staying with the Kenner Predator theme I cooked up a custom Clan Leader Predator this week! I love those old nostalgic designs, as goofy as they were. Here I used a mix of current NECA Predator body with movie Predators Tracker arms, gave him some Spawn Interlink/LotR armor, then added Doc Ock tentacles for the 'whipping dreadlocks' and Bakugun feet sections for his 'Power Boots'. Both accessories can be removed for a regular Predator look but if you like the old action features then they will take you back! A nice metallic gloss emerald paint job was given to his armor and his skin done in a bloodstone/dark orange mix. Toss in a custom spear and Clan Leader Predator was ready to show off his new hairstyle!

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