Custom TMNT Chrome Dome Figure

Here's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Chrome Dome ready to put a hurting on some rowdy reptiles! His design was a mix of the original toy (of which I'm a fan of the colors) and his SNES Tournament Fighters game sprite where he had different designs and extending limbs/fist spikes. Though the TMNT Tournament Fighters one was copper and gold instead of silver and gunmetal. This figure turned out to be the most incredibly balanced custom I've ever made too! All the poses you see aren't supported by anything. No base or hidden wires. He can really stand on one foot and stay like that. O.O

Chrome Dome's head and chestplate came from the original TMNT Playmates figure! Those sculpts were excellent for the era as evidenced by being able to use the head without any actual sculpting modification, all I did was added a ball joint to the neck. His body came from a ML House of M Iron Man, lower arms from a Mark VI Iron Man, hands from the Mark V, and feet from Deathlok. All the other details on him came from various fodder parts and his limb extensions came from a Hordak staff handle.

TMNT Chrome Dome

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