Custom Chris Redfield of Resident Evil 5

Chris Redfield returns in Resident Evil 5 and I've created a custom of him for Playstation Magazine. He was created from a Sigma 6 Recondo body, retooled Long Range head, Duke hands, with various sections such as his shirt/straps/hair sculpted with Aves Studios Apoxie Sculpt. His kneepads came from a Gundam figure and I even created the tiny details like his mobile headset and com radio from parts. He'll be showing up in a future issue of PSM just like my other Video Game All Stars customs so keep an eye on the magazine racks. Can't wait for RE5, it looks brutal! So for now, here's a Chris Redfield to take care of those zombie invasions. Enjoy!

Chris Redfield

Oh yeah, here's a video review of Chris via YouTube. I get emails every week from fans asking me to do a video review of one of my customs. Here ya are. I'm new at this so no laughing! But just wait till I say "alrighty...", heh, it'll be hard not to chuckle at that.

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