Custom Chamber (Generation X) Figure

Well, hmmm, I just don't know what to say about this figure. Chamber is now my favorite out of everything I've done so far! Everything came together with this guy so perfectly I'm amazed. The base figure is a Raging Ghost Rider that's had both LED's wired to one button so Chamber's chest flame take on both colors at once. The center of the chest is the Raging GR's hair cut at an angle with part of Iron Fist's flames, some Human Torch flames, and some GR neck flames. Man that was a lot of flame-mixing!

I had to reconstruct the neck from a FF Classics Human torch and used a Street Fighter Remy's head with fixit sculpted hair. See the 'mouth flames'? That's the skull fire from a regular Flame Blast Ghost Rider turned upside down with the center cut out! It just happened to line up perfect underneath and yes, his head is fully poseable in all directions while still looking like one solid flame. Movie Blackheart arms were added and shortened a bit with real world Neo hands. I used some thin black ribbon for his chest wrappings and sculpted the jacket by hand. The collar is really detailed but the flames kinda cover it up. So there you go, my take on Generation X Chamber with light-up psionic fire!