MOTUC original character Carnox the Cosmic Enforcer custom figure

Faced with his most powerful adversary, an unstoppable, destructive force called Carnox all hope seemed lost for Zodac. So he recruited him! Carnox was bored with cutting a swath of destruction across his home planet so he accepted the invitation to join the Cosmic Enforcers and see the galaxy. Always upgrading his armor and creating ridiculously destructive weapons to annihilate enemies with, Carnox is always excited to charge headfirst into battle with anything the moment Strobo gives him the signal.

This custom Masters of the Universe Classics figure was made from an Icarius body/arm guards, Flogg upper legs/armor with modded Zodac sections, Zodack helmet, ML BAF Onslaught face, Xmen animated Colossus hands, and a Zodac style gatling blaster made from various parts and pieces. He was painted with Testors Model Master Acryl and Formula P3 paints then sealed with Liquitex acrylic satin varnish.

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