Custom 'Captain Strong' character for Carjack the Movie

Carjack the Movie official site

Captain Strong is an original character that I was asked to create for the upcoming short film (and hopefully soon to be feature length film) Carjack. He's your basic good guy superhero that the character Jack, a young child idolizes. Jeremiah Jones directs this short film and you'll be able to see shots of the Captain Strong custom figure all through it. This is the first time I had done a movie prop that was going to be used in an actual movie and if you watch the Flash on the official site you can see the child actor holding the custom in various scenes! Hopefully the full length film will go through and Captain Strong will be seen on the Hood tv series being developed by NBC Universal.

Make sure you go check out and watch all the awesome cast and crew videos! There's tons of info there and gives you a behind the scenes look of the making. Big thanks to the director and crew for tapping me to make this custom figure-turned-movie-prop for them!