Captain Falcon from F-Zero (with Blue Falcon)

"The howl of powerful engines and the screeching of torn metal fills the air when Captain Falcon is in the cockpit. His vehicle the Blue Falcon is build for speed, durability, and dishing out punishment on the track. Out of his ship Captain Falcon is still a formidable adversary with his amazingly quick moves and devastating Falcon Punch!"

This figure was made from:

Head/body: Resolute Duke, Wild Bill helmet w/sculpt
Hands: Shipwreck
Arms: Cobra Commander w/sculpt
Upper legs: Resolute Cobra Trooper
Lower legs: Xamot w/sculpt
Belt: Cade Skywalker

Cap's ship the Blue Falcon was made primarily from a Joe SHARC Tooth. All fins were removed and both left & right engines were cut free, spun around, and moved against the fuselage. The flip-up cannons were then replaced with rocket boosters that fired backwards. Wing panels from an Energon Galvatron were added among various other fodder and styrene sheeting parts.

Captain Falcon

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