Avengers Promo Art Captain America Marvel Legends figure

If you walked through Walmart or took the bus/subway a few months before the Avengers movie came out you may have seen Earth's mightiest heroes plasters on signs. And if you looked closely you would have noticed Captain America's ears were showing and his suit design was different than what you saw on screen. As requested I modded a Walmart exclusive Avengers Cap figure by resculpted the cowl, adding ears, straps, and the alternate paint scheme with the blue in the boots and dark blue on the legs. I gave him a removable magnetic holster like the concept art cap had using a gun as well. One battle-worn paint job on the shield and he was ready to defend this nation. Giving Cap ears makes him look remarkably better and now I wish they had gone this way in the movie. Oh well, there's always Captain America 2 right?

Avengers Captain America

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