Custom Marvel vs Capcom2 Cable Figure

A while back I did a MvC Cable but haven't tackled him since. Well I got the idea that I could make him better, stronger, faster... afterall he does have bionic parts so the pun works! I used a ML6 Cable, Mr Sinister left arm (it's perfectly banded like the sprite!) a retooled Halo Handgun, and XMC Angel's missile launcher with some DBZ accessory for the start-up blast effect. I removed the belt pouches, trimmed the black buckles off the legs, swapped the arm, and sculped the bangs with fixit sculpt. Now he's way closer to the character in the game and a lot smoother looking in my opinion. I'm looking into getting clear, flexible tubing for his viper blast and making it light up, but that's for a future project. I want to someday make the 'beam' effects that the characters use, I'm still looking for the best medium to do them in.