Custom C.O.M.B.A.T. Unit GI Joe Sigma Six Action Figure

Continuing with my theme of original Sigma Six characters, here's the Joe C.O.M.B.A.T. unit! It stands for Command Oriented Military Battle Android Trooper and is the Joe's answer to all those BAT's Cobra uses. Fight fire with fire! Combat here was made from... *takes a deep breath* A retooled Buzzing Beetle head from the Spiderman series, upper body from a Cobra Sky BAT, lower body/hands from Sigma Six Firefly, (whose head I used to make Tanaka too) gun arms from a Star Wars destroyer droid, spare cables, a chainsaw from the old 12" GI Joe BAT, and a bunch of different fodder parts for the laser arm and stuff stuck on its head. All sorts of little military decals are on him that say 'danger' and such too! There's even a bio-reader on its left arm that Hi-Tech installed as a joke, more on that when I create Combat's bio card with lore!