Custom Bumblebee (Battle mask) Transformers Figure

Updated at last! This use to be my old blue-lens mask Bumblebee but now I've created the black grid-eyes battle mask with a much more detailed sculpt. It's basically Bumblebee with a repainted body, the Robot Replicas head and removable cannon arm, and a head from the 77 BB resculpted to be the Battle Mask head. The sides of the legs have been painted the proper yellow this time around and there's a few more movie-accurate painted sections on him. Next time before I plud up the screw holes in the arms I'm going to take the arm roof-panels off and replace them with the more accurate Robot Replicas triangular arm panels when he's in robot mode. I like the look of the one attached to the cannon-arm, much sleeker than a floating rectangle!

Custom Bumblebee

Custom Bumblebee Action Figure

Custom Transformers Figure

Here's the old blue-lens mask if you really want to see it. I used the preview cgi art where it showed BB with clear lenses that slid up.