Custom Bumblebee Transformers Movie Repaint

Bumblebee, the movie's most recognized character. I don't know why they chose him or how they were able to draw such a fan-following, but it's about time! Everyone loves the lil' yellow and black VW Bug. But wait.. He's a new 08 'concept Camaro' now! And for that we break out the paints again. Bumblebee is pretty much a straight repaint, fixing the face to match the character's onscreen apperance and detailing the body with metallics, washes, and blacklining. I used the teaser images where you can see the prop people working on the lifesize Bumblebee at the Hoover Dam location, coloring his mechanical parts accordingly. The overall design and mechanical properties of this figure reall blew me away, and now I have a Bee to be proud of!