Custom Bullet Bart, Masters of the Universe Classics/Bravestarr crossover figure

"When the Nexxus device was activated by Skeletor it opened portals to other worlds and other dimensions all across Eternia. One such doorway led to a strange planet called New Texas where the villainous Bullet Bart resided. Following Tex Hex through to Eternia, Bart found himself in a showdown with none other than Rio-Blast and BraveStarr! With his Gatling hands blazing Bullet Bart was determined to eliminate any and all traces of the law...and with Skeletor's help he might just succeed!"

This custom Masters of the Universe Classics/Bravestarr crossover figure was created using a Geldor head, galactic Skeletor body, Vikor military armor parts, a western Spawn hat, and some fodder Gatling gun attachments that went on some sort of laser-tag robots. The open back leg sections were sculpted in as was various face and chest detail. Now He-Man and Bravestarr have a new villain to battle!

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