The Brood Custom Figure, X-men foe!

It's those alien sleazoids the Brood! Remember my old Brood? Well I really, REALLY needed to do a new one. Here I used the same Gnarsh Alien Racers body but swapped out the head for the old 5" Brood head which I retooled and resculpted a good inch and 1/2 more head-crest behind it. Apoxie sculpted bug-armor sections were added too. I added the Wasp's wings attached with Xevoz ball-joints (used for the neck as well) and airbrushed him with a mix of browns, greens, and blacks. The front tendrils are bendy tendrils from the old Venom Phage figure. He has DROOL! I took some clear epoxy and mixed a touch of clear green paint in it, then played with the mix until it began to harden, stringing it down on the jaw in several places. Looks gooey and wet, heh!