Revenge of the Fallen "Breakaway" custom action figure

Ah, my first Revenge of the Fallen custom! I started with something light this first round, Breakaway who probably doesn't appear in the film but is in the game. I wanted to make him more like the CG model for the game and went about shortening his Gatling gun, fixing his head and neck, then giving him a paint job that was more like the art. The wings needed something, missiles! Tho I'm not sure if the plane type actually has them there.

The paint job is far more complex than my last customs and consists of multiple layered paint shades, metallic actuator and gear detail, flight weathered edges, exhaust streaking, inner mechanical shading, oil, dust, and grease splatter. I'm going to go even further on the larger voyager/leader class ones and see if I can mix airbrushed shading, pastels, and every technique I can think of to create something that will either blow your mind or have people screaming in horror. Only time will tell!


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