Custom Brawl-Or, Masters of the Universe Classics figure

"When it came down to brute force on the battlefield Hordak had little that could withstand Ram-Man's headlong attacks...until now. Enter Brawl-Or, the Horde's melee combat specialist. Raised in the Cosmic Arena of the Game Master this fearsome fighter can do more damage without a weapon than most can with one. Brawl-Or's form grows molecularly denser upon impact allowing him to stop Ram-Man in his tracks and eventually punch his way through any obstacle, even magical wards and force fields! With these furious fists on his side who can stand against Hordak now?"

Enter Brawl-Or, an original character design in my Masters of the Universe Classics customs. He's a hand-to-hand combatant that can put the hurting on anyone or anything. Brawl-Or was created from a Geldor body, Hordak lower legs, Marvel Universe Juggernaut lower arms, Radioactive Man loincloth, Spawn belt, a Sigma 6 helmet, and fodder armor from some red death-knight character from a card game. He was then given an airbrushed paint job to match the current MOTUC characters and some manacle chains.

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