Bodyguard Cobra B.A.T.

Destro is the king of black-market arms dealing and in that crowd you need extra protection. Recently our Intel has reported of him travelling with a new type of Cobra BAT decked out to match his team and always standing close by in case some mercenary tries to steal what he's already stolen. What worries us is the upgrades he's installed. These BATs have advanced combat training and are more than just the walk-and-shoot type. They are even agile enough to climb up walls and follow a target quietly, drawing a knife when it's time to move in for the kill!”

Bodyguard BAT was made from:

Head: Cobra BAT
Body: Modded Cobra Commander
Lower Arms/Legs: Microman Magne-force figure The Magne-force's feet were magnetic so he sticks to your fridge.

Bodyguard BAT

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