Custom Blue Spy Figure from Team Fortress 2

I've had quite a few emails about making Team Fortress 2 figures and finally got around to making one. The Blue Spy was made from a Ruthless Aggression Matt Striker so he was 7" scale to the NECA Player Select figures. His forearms and lower legs were resculpted smooth with Aves Apoxie Sculpt and his head shaved down/resculpted with the ski mask. I gave him alternate hands from a Kaiyodo Mass Production Eva and Ghost Rider boots. He would have come with his stolen briefcase like in the TF2 trailer except I shot myself in the eye with the 'launching contract' feature while driving and promptly dropped it out the window. He does come with cardboad cutouts of the different characters in the game that can be stuck on his forehead, a custom made switchblade, and pistol.

Blue Spy Team Fortress 2

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