Custom Transformers Generations Voyager Blitzwing action figure

Transformers Generations Voyager Blitzwing had a lot of quality control issues right out of the box, so many in fact that people started returning him. I set out to fix each issue and make him a decent figure starting with the shoulder assembly that falls apart when you move his arms. The mod is to unscrew all five screws in his back, open him up, and sand down the edges of his inner torso you see circled in red, about a quarter's thickness. Then sand down the peg posts the same width so the two halves snap back together with no gap.

To fix the head not fitting in the nosecone take a large engraver (bladed ball) bit and Dremel out some of the soft rubber, then use acetone to wipe the rest of the purple plastic out from inside there so it doesn't rub. If his faces are stuck unscrew the head and sand the yellow paint off of the rod the faces spin around. Done! After all those mods I gave Blitzwing some panel lining, scuffed highlights, an additional secondary color shade, and added two back cannons made from RID Arcee guns so he had more of the Animated look with the twin barrels over his back. Now Blitzwing is a great figure and transformers perfectly into all three modes!

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