Custom Blackout Transformers Movie Figure

Blackout is one of the first Transformers we saw in the trailers and preview clips. He's huge too! Well, his character is, unfortunately he was made as the smallest Voyager TF ever *grumbles* But hey, I do what I can here and Blackout deserves a repaint/mod just like everyone else. He's been completely repainted from head to toe in dark gray-blue, but still very close to the plastic color. All the pics of the Pave-Low copters are this color and it works for me.

This time around however Blackout is armed to the TEETH baby! He has a magnetic removable Gatling gun from a ML Wart Machine, magnetic EMP Disruptor made from an Robot Masters Convoy cannon, and shoulder-mounted missile pod also from a War Machine. The chest minigun swivels and turns in all directions too thanks to some tiny hinge joints I found and is made from spare parts. His wrists have been modded with a balljoint and so have the panels that use to stick up on the insides of his arms. Those bugged me to no end so now they hover flat on balljoints too and look like the floating panels in the movie he's covered with.

The same basic paintjob applies to him like flat black base with drybrushing silver on the robot parts, adding gold sections, blacklining the body, a wash for more detail, then drybrushing for highlights. I think the most fun I've ever had painting is lil' Scorponok there, heh. It was fun yet maddening to paint the tiny black slits in his eyes and the turbines inside his claws. Yeah, he's that detailed! Blackout also shoots an EMP blast and somewhere I have the missile/cannon fire effect for the Gatling gun that came from the War Machine fig. Enjoy!

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