Custom Blackheart Marvel Legends Action Figure

I started collecting parts for this Blackheart back in 07 when the TMNT animated movie came out. There was a 2-pack set Leo vs a 'Stone General Gato' who had the perfect spine-like mane. After keeping the mane in a drawer of parts for 2 years the body I needed was produced, that of the Gargan Venom with tail. The face from an original ML Blackheart was mounted on to a ball joint that allows him to look in all directions without the mane moving too. The pinky fingers were removed, bicep-swivels added, and the feet from a Resident Evil Verdugo were spliced on. A Spawn Gravedigger demon provided the perfect segmented-looking bendy tail for Blackheart too.

Blackheart's paint job consists of drybrushing/airbrushing three shades of blue and the application of a special reflective-iridescent paint to the center of his chest and surrounding areas. This gives it a completely pure white 'glow' even in low light like the character has onscreen when standing still. You may notice he's missing his green/red demons but I'm working on them as we speak and should be getting them cast first so he'll have multiples to toss around.

Blackheart marvel

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