Custom Black Cat Marvel Legends Figure

I've seen a lot of Black Cat customs, so props to everyone who went out and did one before me! However I always see her in a modern suit or the new one with the large mask. Today I present you the 'New' Black Cat as she appeared in Amazing Spiderman #371, Invasion of the Spider Slayers series. She was made from a Psylocke body with sculpted boot/wristcuffs made from Fixit Sculpt. She's been.. er.. 'agumented' too because Psylocke just didn't have the.. hrmm.. 'presence' I needed for Felicia hardy. The hair is Lady Death's hair from the old Moore action figure. Took a while to dremel Lady D's head out of the hair but after sculpting all the fur I just didn't feel up to doing an entire head of hair! The eyes were painted in multiple levels, two different shades of green, lining, and reflections. WHEW! Took me three days to make her.. but I think she was worth it.