Custom "End of the Road" post apocalyptic Bumblebee Transformers figure

The year is 2300 and humanity is all but extinct. The world is ablaze with an unchanging season of heat and the only sounds echoing in the once thriving cities are that of machines. But still the war between the Autobot and Decepticon forces rage on. Here I give you a frightening new vision of a post-apocalyptic Transformers. This End of the Road Bumblebee was once a Cyberfire Bee with all sorts of custom modifications with various fodder parts to give him a 'Mad Max' look. Rusted, oxidized, weathered paint effects were achieved with various layers of washes and sponge-on techniques. Chains, shoulder mounted Broken Arrow Gatling gun casts, hoses, scrap shield, and other weapons were added to give him a fairly menacing look. I plan to do both movieverse and classic/generations style Transformers like this so keep an eye out!

Custom Transformers figure

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